Tandem TransCapital can help grow your business simply by turning your current accounts receivable into instant cash. Through an innovative and proven invoice discounting process, Tandem TransCapital supplies the working capital you need now to facilitate your business' growth.

Building on years of factoring experience and backed by millions of dollars in funding, Tandem offers a professional and personal accounts receivable factoring service to facilitate your business growth plans. With an innovative approach to financing the needs of ‘small business’ Tandem is able to offer real-time and cost effective cash flow solutions.

Factoring… Invoice Discounting… Accounts Receivable Factoring… Financing Receivables… turning your accounts receivable into cash has numerous names but it is all basically the same process. Whatever you call it: Convert your Current Receivables into Cash Today.

Business owners use Tandem TransCapital for numerous reasons:

  1. Cash to grow their business
  2. Cash to expand their product lines
  3. Cash to meet payroll obligations
  4. Cash to pay your bills on time
  5. Cash to fulfill a large order

What will your business do with more Cash?